Water Quality Analysis

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HBD5w series  Portable Water Analyzer

Advanced instrumental features include calibration edit, and temperature -compensated ISE measurement. Use calibration edit to review, delete or re-measure calibration standards.

The HBD4WMS Handheld instruments have user-fixed configuration of multi single probes, and offer temperature compensation. HBD5WMP Handheld instruments have capability to test multi-parameters with single probe replaceable, and offer temperature compensation as well.  

General parameters include Turbidity, SCT, DO, pH, Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl2, ClO2, Cl-,F-.NO3-,NH3+,CO2/CO32-, BF4-,K+,Na+ … .

Typical applicable in plant boiler water, ultra pure water, industrial water analyzing.

Ease of operation, data display and retrieval, and advanced analytical techniques for performing sophisticated analyses make the HBD4/5w the best choice for the multi-user lab and research chemist, as well to field patrol.

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TDO 4812-Total Dissolved Organics Analyzer  

____on-line instrument for TDO / TOC / OCA / COD / BOD

Specially designed for fixed location in line analyzing. Comparative to the results of TOC /OCA /COD /BOD by traditional methods. Relativity: >85%. Best replace of process analyzers, such as colorimeter whatever, to on-line analyzing.  Need not reagent, simple, no maintenance, easy to installation.

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4620 LIF Chlorophyll / Algae Detector 

This small transducer is completely an intelligent analyzer with advanced property to be used in line, to be used for the indirect monitoring and detection of indicator pollutants, including phosphorus and nitrogen. Chlorophyll system consists of a probe similar in concept to the field-type fluorometers but much smaller. The output of the chlorophyll sensor is automatically processed via the RS485 or 0-20mA to provide readings in either generic fluorescence units (percent full scale; % FS) or ug/L of chlorophyll in the station. No pump is required for the system.

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CPT 3200 Electrochemical Water Quality Transducer

____on-line instrument for normal  water analysis

Simple system for detection of pHDO(NH3/NH4+)Br-Cd+2Ca+2CO2/CO3-2Cl-/Cl2ClO4-Cu+2CN-F-BF4-I-Li+Pb+2NO3-(NOx)i/NO2-K+Ag+/S-2Na+SCN-Ca+2/Mg+2以及ORPX+/X-, with design in_situ replacement of sensors.
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WM10 Portable Multi-parameters Analyzer    

As to 12 general water analysis items could be configured by user into one integrated  intelligent water analyzer assembly, such as pH, DO, 

SCT/Cond/TDS, Turbidity, TOC/OCATDO, Temperature, Pressure (Depth to 60m), and other 5 electrochemical sensors optionally. Including Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl2, ClO2, Cl-,F-.NO3-,NH3+,CO2/CO32-, BF4-,K+,Na+ … Specially nice to sea, river, lake and random environmental monitor users.

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SCT1100 Conductivity Transducer

SCT:0.01us/cm - 2000ms/cm0 - 50%(TDS)

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Turb4000 Turbidity Transducer

Range:0.001 - 2000 NTP; MLSS: 0-5000mg/L

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Water Parameters, water

DO3230 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor,TMP36 Temperature Sensor,SCT1121 Conductivity Sensor, SCT1122 Conductivity Sensor, Salinity Sensor, SCT1130 Conductivity Sensor, Mud1204 Concentration Sensor, Turb4210D Turbidity Sensor, Turb4210DU Turbidity Sensor, Turb4210DTU Turbidity Sensor, MLSS4210D Turbidity Sensor, pH Sensor, ORP Sensor, ISE Sensor, Dissolved Gas Sensor;Ammonia Sensor, NH3 Sensor, Ammonium Sensor, (NH4+) Sensor, Bromide Sensor, (Br-) Sensor, Cadmium Sensor, (Cd+2) Sensor, Calcium Sensor, (Ca+2) Sensor, Carbon dioxide Sensor, (CO2) Sensor, Carbonate Sensor, (CO3-2) Sensor, Chloride Sensor, (Cl-) Sensor, Chlorine Sensor, (Cl2) Sensor, Chlorine Sensor, (Cl) Sensor, Copper Sensor, (Cu+2) Sensor, Cyanide Sensor, (CN-) Sensor, Fluoride Sensor, (F-) Sensor, Fluoroborate Sensor,  (BF4-) Sensor, Iodide Sensor, (I-) Sensor, Lead Sensor, (Pb+2) Sensor, Lithium Sensor, (Li+) Sensor, Nitrate Sensor, (N03-) Sensor, Nitrogen oxide Sensor, (NOx) Sensor, Perchlorate Sensor, (ClO4-) Sensor, pH Sensor, (H+) Sensor, Potassium Sensor, (K+) Sensor, Silver/sulfide Sensor, (Ag+/S-2) Sensor, Sodium Sensor, (Na+) Sensor, Surfactant Sensor,  Thiocyanate Sensor, (SCN-) Sensor, Water hardness Sensor, (Ca+2/Mg+2) Sensor,

DO3230 Dissolved Oxygen Meter,TMP36 Temperature Meter,SCT1121 Conductivity Meter, SCT1122 Conductivity Meter, Salinity Meter, SCT1130 Conductivity Meter, Mud1204 Concentration Meter, Turb4210D Turbidity Meter, Turb4210DU Turbidity Meter, Turb4210DTU Turbidity Meter, MLSS4210D Turbidity Meter, pH Meter, ORP Meter, ISE Meter, Dissolved Gas Meter;Ammonia Meter, NH3 Meter, Ammonium Meter, (NH4+) Meter, Bromide Meter, (Br-) Meter, Cadmium Meter, (Cd+2) Meter, Calcium Meter, (Ca+2) Meter, Carbon dioxide Meter, (CO2) Meter, Carbonate Meter, (CO3-2) Meter, Chloride Meter, (Cl-) Meter, Chlorine Meter, (Cl2) Meter, Chlorine Meter, (Cl) Meter, Copper Meter, (Cu+2) Meter, Cyanide Meter, (CN-) Meter, Fluoride Meter, (F-) Meter, Fluoroborate Meter,  (BF4-) Meter, Iodide Meter, (I-) Meter, Lead Meter, (Pb+2) Meter, Lithium Meter, (Li+) Meter, Nitrate Meter, (N03-) Meter, Nitrogen oxide Meter, (NOx) Meter, Perchlorate Meter, (ClO4-) Meter, pH Meter, (H+) Meter, Potassium Meter, (K+) Meter, Silver/sulfide Meter, (Ag+/S-2) Meter, Sodium Meter, (Na+) Meter, Surfactant Meter,  Thiocyanate Meter, (SCN-) Meter, Water hardness Meter, (Ca+2/Mg+2) Meter,

DO3230 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer,TMP36 Temperature Analyzer,SCT1121 Conductivity Analyzer, SCT1122 Conductivity Analyzer, Salinity Analyzer, SCT1130 Conductivity Analyzer, Mud1204 Concentration Analyzer, Turb4210D Turbidity Analyzer, Turb4210DU Turbidity Analyzer, Turb4210DTU Turbidity Analyzer, MLSS4210D Turbidity Analyzer, pH Analyzer, ORP Analyzer, ISE Analyzer, Dissolved Gas Analyzer; Ammonia Analyzer, NH3 Analyzer, Ammonium Analyzer, (NH4+) Analyzer, Bromide Analyzer, (Br-) Analyzer, Cadmium Analyzer, (Cd+2) Analyzer, Calcium Analyzer, (Ca+2) Analyzer, Carbon dioxide Analyzer, (CO2) Analyzer, Carbonate Analyzer, (CO3-2) Analyzer, Chloride Analyzer, (Cl-) Analyzer, Chlorine Analyzer, (Cl2) Analyzer, Chlorine Analyzer, (Cl) Analyzer, Copper Analyzer, (Cu+2) Analyzer, Cyanide Analyzer, (CN-) Analyzer, Fluoride Analyzer, (F-) Analyzer, Fluoroborate Analyzer,  (BF4-) Analyzer, Iodide Analyzer, (I-) Analyzer, Lead Analyzer, (Pb+2) Analyzer, Lithium Analyzer, (Li+) Analyzer, Nitrate Analyzer, (N03-) Analyzer, Nitrogen oxide Analyzer, (NOx) Analyzer, Perchlorate Analyzer, (ClO4-) Analyzer, pH Analyzer, (H+) Analyzer, Potassium Analyzer, (K+) Analyzer, Silver/sulfide Analyzer, (Ag+/S-2) Analyzer, Sodium Analyzer, (Na+) Analyzer, Surfactant Analyzer,  Thiocyanate Analyzer, (SCN-) Analyzer, Water hardness Analyzer, (Ca+2/Mg+2) Analyzer,


DO3230 Dissolved Oxygen Transducer,TMP36 Temperature Transducer,SCT1121 Conductivity Transducer, SCT1122 Conductivity Transducer, Salinity Transducer, SCT1130 Conductivity Transducer, Mud1204 Concentration Transducer, Turb4210D Turbidity Transducer, Turb4210DU Turbidity Transducer, Turb4210DTU Turbidity Transducer, MLSS4210D Turbidity Transducer, pH Transducer, ORP Transducer, ISE Transducer, Dissolved Gas Transducer; Ammonia Transducer, NH3 Transducer, Ammonium Transducer, (NH4+) Transducer, Bromide Transducer, (Br-) Transducer, Cadmium Transducer, (Cd+2) Transducer, Calcium Transducer, (Ca+2) Transducer, Carbon dioxide Transducer, (CO2) Transducer, Carbonate Transducer, (CO3-2) Transducer, Chloride Transducer, (Cl-) Transducer, Chlorine Transducer, (Cl2) Transducer, Chlorine Transducer, (Cl) Transducer, Copper Transducer, (Cu+2) Transducer, Cyanide Transducer, (CN-) Transducer, Fluoride Transducer, (F-) Transducer, Fluoroborate Transducer,  (BF4-) Transducer, Iodide Transducer, (I-) Transducer, Lead Transducer, (Pb+2) Transducer, Lithium Transducer, (Li+) Transducer, Nitrate Transducer, (N03-) Transducer, Nitrogen oxide Transducer, (NOx) Transducer, Perchlorate Transducer, (ClO4-) Transducer, pH Transducer, (H+) Transducer, Potassium Transducer, (K+) Transducer, Silver/sulfide Transducer, (Ag+/S-2) Transducer, Sodium Transducer, (Na+) Transducer, Surfactant Transducer,  Thiocyanate Transducer, (SCN-) Transducer, Water hardness Transducer, (Ca+2/Mg+2) Transducer,

DO3230 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter,TMP36 Temperature Transmitter,SCT1121 Conductivity Transmitter, SCT1122 Conductivity Transmitter, Salinity Transmitter, SCT1130 Conductivity Transmitter, Mud1204 Concentration Transmitter, Turb4210D Turbidity Transmitter, Turb4210DU Turbidity Transmitter, Turb4210DTU Turbidity Transmitter, MLSS4210D Turbidity Transmitter, pH Transmitter, ORP Transmitter, ISE Transmitter, Dissolved Gas Transmitter; Ammonia Transmitter, NH3 Transmitter, Ammonium Transmitter, (NH4+) Transmitter, Bromide Transmitter, (Br-) Transmitter, Cadmium Transmitter, (Cd+2) Transmitter, Calcium Transmitter, (Ca+2) Transmitter, Carbon dioxide Transmitter, (CO2) Transmitter, Carbonate Transmitter, (CO3-2) Transmitter, Chloride Transmitter, (Cl-) Transmitter, Chlorine Transmitter, (Cl2) Transmitter, Chlorine Transmitter, (Cl) Transmitter, Copper Transmitter, (Cu+2) Transmitter, Cyanide Transmitter, (CN-) Transmitter, Fluoride Transmitter, (F-) Transmitter, Fluoroborate Transmitter,  (BF4-) Transmitter, Iodide Transmitter, (I-) Transmitter, Lead Transmitter, (Pb+2) Transmitter, Lithium Transmitter, (Li+) Transmitter, Nitrate Transmitter, (N03-) Transmitter, Nitrogen oxide Transmitter, (NOx) Transmitter, Perchlorate Transmitter, (ClO4-) Transmitter, pH Transmitter, (H+) Transmitter, Potassium Transmitter, (K+) Transmitter, Silver/sulfide Transmitter, (Ag+/S-2) Transmitter, Sodium Transmitter, (Na+) Transmitter, Surfactant Transmitter,  Thiocyanate Transmitter, (SCN-) Transmitter, Water hardness Transmitter, (Ca+2/Mg+2) Transmitter,