On-line Water Turbudity Measuring

Turb4000 Seriel

Turbidity Transducer

Ref: TurbIntE


___IEEE1451.2 STIM Compatible, 1451.1 NCAP Network support.  Analog and Digital Signals Output. Remote Setup and Operate.

n         Continuous analysis. Direct measurement in sample

n         Accurate and reliable, low-maintenance

n         Self diagnostic, professional intelligent, Menu-driven digital user interface

n         Auto diagnostic and alarm, optional purge or flush and bubble sucker accessories

n         Easy maintenance __ on time clear or replace of sensor in sito

n         Data log of measurements for day/month/year

n         One-year warranty



n         Industrial Process Water

n         Boiler/Cooling Water Flow Application

n         Ultrapure Water Application

n         Wastewater Treatment Application

n         Drinking Water Treatment

n         Boiler/Cooling Generation Flow Application

n         Agriculture and Aquaculture Water



n         Auto temperature compensation

n         User calibration at field to get high accuracy application

n         One sample or on-line sample correction function available

n         Experiences low power design, maybe drived by battery or solar battery in remote area.


Electronics of STIM Transducer

Linear analog signal output, 0/4 to 20 mA select. dedault status is 0 to 20 mA

RS232 serial port always available, RS485 attached as to BD5xB upper configuration.

Power supply: DC 9 to 24 V; comsumption<100mAx5V

Intrinsic safe design

Alarm drive output available

ADC resolution: 16bit

For more details, please refer to : BD4&5IntE



Specifications Table for Different Design



Turb.1t 4110 Turbidimeter

Transparent photometer


For Pure and ultra pure water.

Range0-200 NTU

Resolution: 0.01NTU

Accuracy: 0-20 ±2%R ; 20-2,00 ±5%R

Repeatability: 1%FS

Temperature: 0-60

Pressure:<10 kgf/cm2.

Insert Deepth: 120mm

Connect: NPT1, or ZG1

Turb.2t 4120 Turbidimeter

Double Wave Length Photometer

Only for complex background Applicatoin


Range: 0-2;0-20;0-200;0-2000 NTU ;

Accuracy: ±2%FS/ low; ±5%FS/High

Repeatability: <±1% FS

Resolution: 0.05%FS

Linearity: <±1% FS

Response: 10s-2mins


Temperature: 0-60

Pressure:<10 kgf/cm2.

Dip Size: D177*312mm

CLA Size:

Turb.2r 4230  Turbidimeter

3Sensor Disperse

(MLSS, high suspended or floating materials application)


Range: MLSS: 0-50,5000mg/L

Accuracy:±2-5% FS

Repeatability±1% FS;

Resolution: 0.1%FS;


Temperature: 0-60


Insert Deepth: 120mm

Connect: NPT1, or ZG1

Turb.90d 4210_640 Turbidimeter

90° dispersive

Turb.90d 4210_640 for USEPA 180.1

Turb.90d 4210_880 for ISO 7027 / EN 27027


Pure, drinking water, and any common fields.

Range: 0-100 NPT, Max  100g/L

Accuracy: ±2-5% FS

Repeatability: <±1%R

Resolution: 0.01NTU

Temperature: 0-50

Pressure:<10 kgf/cm2.

Insert Deepth: 120mm

Connect: NPT1, or ZG1


Turb.90d 4210_640 Turbidimeter

____The most popular turbidity technology






Benefits at a glance

•Measuring range from

0.01 FNU to 100 g/l

– from completely clear to

completely black

•Scratch-proof sapphire windows

•Compact shock-proof design

•Integrated temperature measurement

•Inclined flat sensor surface uses

medium flow to increase self-cleaning

effect and repels water bubbles

•Sapphire measuring window

•Flow assembly option available for gas bubble removal

•Measurement under pressure to avoid degassing

•For direct installation in water pipes,

•For installations in pipes or basins

•Simple commissioning

•3-point calibration and

1-point adjustment

•7 calibration data records according to

customer specifications can be stored

•Wiper cleaning integrated or retrofitted

•Flat sensor surface uses medium flow to increase self-cleaning effect

Areas of application

Optical solids content measurement is

indispensable as a regulating variable

for operation in following areas:

Sewage treatment plants

– Primary sludge

– Activated sludge

– Returned sludge

– Putrefied sludge

– Outlet


– Monitoring of sieve water

– Water processing


– Measurement of soiling


Water processing

Water monitoring



Range: 0.01-2000 FNUL

Using one cap to avoid any interface from wall and other light sources

Special for open vessel, lake, other otherwise exposed to sunshine

The same


Range: 0.001- FNUL

Special for low limit detect

Pure water

Boiler water




Application Note for turbidity measurement




Use BulbleSuck, or Ultra sonic bubble driver


The best way is to use Turb.2t 4120 Turbidimeter

Or choose 860nm or 680nm to reduce the influence


Self corrected in our products

Installation and Sampling Accessory


G 1”  or 1”NPT insertion installation



Dip accessory, extend CS1 with 1” pipe



Sinking accessory, CS1with extending pipe, frame, and clearing system



By flow installation, CS1with one 1” cross



Flow throw type, fitting to CS1 insertion directly

1/4” inlet and outlet

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