Handheld BD5-SPM4210

Total suspended particles analyzer

Measurements of Suspended Solids in Air &Gas

Ref: H_SPM4210IntE

Both for SPM in Air and Liquid Turbidity Applications



SPM4210 employs Light Scattering Turbidimetry, 4110Light Attenuation Turbidimetry Technology.


l          2*16 LCD display

l          4*5 Full key operation

l          User calibration for 8 application supported

l          Temperature compensation embbeded


l          TSD measurement of Air quality

l          Suspended particles in industrial process or emissions

l          Flue or other exhaust gas;

l          Oil soot in cooking

l          Fog detect

l          Suspended solids in liquids


Resolution: 0.01mg/m3 ICPM(Standard deviation of geometry mean 0.3u, as to calibration samples)

Range: 0.01-100, 0-1000, 0-10000,0-100000 mg/m3;  BD5: Auto scale

Response: 100ms

Accuracy: ±5%relative to calibration samples

Display: 16x2 LCD

Kepad: 4x5

Serial port: RS232/485

Environ temperature: -20-70℃

Environ humidity: 0-90%RH

Supply: Chargeable Battery

Size: Analyzer:98X150X30mm; Probe:D24x360 mm

Net Weight: 0.7kg



Air pump

To suck air into the sensor

Pipe connector

To connect to industrial device

Pressure conditioner

Pressure reducer

Toxic kit

Tools to collect toxic gas


PM10,PM1.0  filter for particles big than 1 or 10 um.

Air cooler

For smoke application.




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