MS2100 series

Trace Moisture Transmitter

The first technology to measure trace moisture on-line directly



___IEEE1451.2 STIM Compatible, 1451.1 NCAP and Modbus Network support.  Analog and Digital Signals Output. Remote Setup and Operate.

n        Continuous analysis. Direct measurement in sample way

n        Multi-parameters test: water activity, water content/moisture, separation point, and temperature as well.

n        Accurate and reliable, rugged design, low-maintenance

n        Quickly response, <15 sec at typical cases

n        Self diagnostic, professional intelligent, Menu-driven digital user interface

n        Auto diagnostic and alarm

n        Data log of measurements for day/month/year

n        One-year warranty


MS2100 is a fast, reliable and accurate on-line detection system for water in organic liquids, oil, etc.

Low limit moisture on-line test has been always troubles in some crisis industry process. Both of on-line and laboratory analyzers are expensive, and time costing in the past time.

It was  hoped to replace some process instruments at certain cases, to save lots of equipment investment and maintenance cost. What is most important is it's easy way to test directly and real time response, and also excellent accuracy. Speed is very important in modern chemical process. 

The system measure water activity, water content/moisture, separation point (equal to dew point in air moisture), and temperature as well. With T-BD5xMD STIM, all these parameters can be displayed at field, and could be read by NCAP controller in remote area. The analog signal output port of the transmitter could be set to output one of these parameters, such as water activity, moisture or separation point by user selection.

Water Activity is a relative parameter for moisture. In some application, it is more obvious than traditional absolute terminology, for it is directly meaning the possibility to happen of water separation. Water formation is often critic accident for processes. 

Separation Point is one concept determined by our institute. Thought it is not so concerned as Dew Point, but also convenient for some applications. For it is more easy to compare the separation point with the sample temperature, so that to estimate the risk of the system by operators. 

As to application for transformer oil, water activity measurement offers several advantages compared to the traditionally measured variable, parts per million (ppm). Water activity indicates directly whether there is risk for free water formation. The measurement is 97% independent of the oil type, aging , and compensated by temperature algebra.


l         water activity for organic liquids

l         Separation point alarm

l        Trace water content/moisture analysis


l          Not necessary to calibrate

l          High accuracy

l          Fast response

l          Stable, low drift performance

l          Chemically resistant

Electronic Function of STIM Transmitter

l          BD5 CPU based STIM, perfect design with complete instrument functions

l          Auto temperature compensation

l          Linear analog signal output, 0/4 to 20 mA select. default status is 0 to 20 mA for activity. Moisture and Separation point output is selective for users.

l          RS232 serial port always available

l          RS485 with STIMcom or Modbus protocol attached to BD5xB upper configuration. BD5s has simple SCom data communication ability.

l          Power supply: DC 9 to 24 V; consumption <100 mW at Max.

l          Intrinsic safe design

For more details, please refer to : BD4&5IntE


l         Transformer Oil

l         Machine oil or lubricants

l         Other organic liquids

l         Moisture leak detection

Note: For more chemicals application rather than oils, please contact our engineer for verification.


Technical specifications

l          Measurement range:

0...1 aw;   0...80 to 550 ppm relative to temperature;

l          Accuracy:  ±10% of reading, 0-1.00 aw, 25 °C

l          Operating temperature:

MS2123N: -40 to 85 °C

MS2123p:-40...+180 °C

l          Working Pressure: N:<0.3 Mpa; p:<1.0 Mpa

l          Sensor Interchangeability: ±5% of reading

l          Hysteresis ±12% of reading

l          Repeatability ±5% of reading


Environment Requirements:

Environal Humidity:

Operating:0 to 100% RH, non-condensing

Storage:0 to 90% RH, non-condensing

Environal Temperature Range:

N:Operating -40 °C to 85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F)

N:Storage -51 °C to 125 °C (-60 °F to 257 °F)






Environal Temperature

-10 to 60 °C

-30 to 70 °C

-40 to 85 °C

Environal Humidity:


0-100%( non-condensing)


* if with LCD, the environal is -10 to 60 °C, 10-90%

Transmitter Safety:

Safety: Ia, intrinsic designed. Could be used at Class 1,Group A/B/C/D;Class II,Group E/F/G;

Package: NEMA 7, NEMA 8, NEMA 9NEMA 6/6pIP67


MS2123 series


Insertion Moisture Transmitter

Sampling temperature: -40 to 85°C

Sampling pressure: <0.3Mpa

Insertion length: 40- 200mm

Installation connect: ZG1” /1”NPT



Insertion Moisture Transmitter

Sampling temperature: -40 to 180°C

Sampling pressure:  <1.0 Mpa

Insertion length:200mm

Installation connect: ZG1” /1”NPT



Trace Moisture Transmitter

Temperature and moisture test

Lab test or In sito smart test




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