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Gaseous Moisture Analysis

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Moisture Meters for Gas ___Humidity / Dew Point / Gas Moisture   Gas moisture meters,

Application Guide for Moisture Analysis of Gases

Handheld gMS2100 Gas Moisture Analyzer      [Introduction] [  [Datasheet]

All Humidity Parameters from One Instrument

Absolute moisture, Volume ratio, Partial pressure, Saturation moisture, Relative humidity, Specific quantity, Dew point, Water content/moisture, and temperature
And Pressure Test for compensation under process conditions
Ideal for Laboratory and Quality Control in the Industrial Production
Specially Powerful for Scientific Convert


RH, AH, Dew Point smart test in Laboratory and filed
Moisture in compressed air
Humidity of refrigerant and desiccant dryers
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Dry process monitoring
Chemical industry
Production quality management

pGas4810-H2O Portable Gas Moisture Analyzer      [Introduction] [  [Datasheet]

Range: ppb-ppm;


l          Industry gas moisture analysis

l          Solution for applications that other technical sensor can not work, such as for moisture measurement in alcohols, ammonia,etc.

l          Trace moisture analysis, to ppb level;

T-BD5 gMS2100  Gas Moisture Transducer      [Introduction] [Datasheet] [User Application Datasheet]

Relative humidity/ Absolute Humidity / Dew Point / Moisture

Feature :

  • Humidity sensor rectified by temperature and pressure technology.
  • Absolute humidity/Dew point measurement
  • Ambient to ppb moisture range.Range~ppb-1000ppm
  • Accuracy:+/-5%R

Measurement range is from ambient to ppb moisture concentrations in a wide variety of gases. Features include a 16-character, backlit LCD with front panel keypad, isolated current or voltage output, data and fault alarm relays, and computer-enhanced response.

Thin film polymer sensor
Sample temperature: 0-70,ATC
Pressure Compensation:0-1.0MPa.

T_LGA4810WMF-H2O Process Gas Moisture Analyzer         [Introduction] [Datasheet] [UserApplicationDataForm]

NIR spectrum selective  method. Direct insert, free of calibrating, limited maintenance, so no err in running.
  •  Range:0-10ppm, up to 1000ppm;
  • Accuracy:+/-5%FS;
  • Direct sampling temperature: 0-400 C.
  • Response time: 1s(>90%);
  • resolution: 0.001%FS, or 1% of reading whichever great.

Applications: the transducer is sensitive for an online measurement of moisture in many gases and vapors used throughout industry. Typically in electronics, hydrocarbon processing, natural gas production and transportation, petroleum refining process and other industries as annealing and sintering furnace atmospheres, reactor gas blankets, atomic reactor cooling gases, and the production and use of chemicals such as fluorocarbons, vinyl chloride, and refrigerants.

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