portable moisture analyzer

Portable Moisture Analyzer

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Moisture Test for Liquid and Slurries

H-lMS1204 Moisture Teller        [Introduction]       [Datasheet]

RF attenuation.


Moisture of Oil and Gas Production, Lubricants, Oils, Insulator oil, Transformer oil, Petroleum Products, Fuel, Food Processing, Starch, Confectionery, Syrup, Adhesives, Asphalt , Ceramics , Chemicals , Coatings, Emulsions, Fermentation Products, Glass, Inks and Dyes, Mineral Processing, Mud and Slurries, Polymers, Paints, Paper Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Power Industry, Resins, Solvents, Water Treatment.

Response time:<100ms;
Sample temperature: <120° C

Liquid and Slurries Moisture Applications Guide:

  • 100ppm Low limit moisture sensor MS1204nL is just good to check insulation oil in plant mechanic and electricity devices. And also smart way to test organic chemicals in site test, when importing materials, business deliver, wherever.

  • Other MS1204N/Dip/ext series are all normal moisture sensors. Widely used in any industries process and materials check, business transfer, and other in site and quick test fields. as in oil field, refinery, fuel business, oil fuel users; It is very good to monitor all kinds of organics and some inorganic materials too. Chemicals factory, Food industry, pharmacy plant, wherever needed, and whatever liquids.

  • MS1204PotScan and PotGauger are designed to gauge the pot of moisture and quantity. PotScan can gauge moisture and volume. PotGauger is enhanced with densimeter, so can calculate weight quantity. Naturally measures temperature, depth, density, and moisture in a assembly sensor.

H-BD5+lMS2100N Moisture Meter   [Introduction [Datasheet] [Machine oil/transformer oil Application] [User Application Data form]

Method: Relative Saturation Technology
Test: Water activity, and convert to moisture
Organic solvents/compounds/oil...
  • Measurement range:

  • 0...1 aw;   0...80 to 550 ppm (relative to temperature and compounds )

  • Accuracy:  ±2% of reading, 0-1.00 aw, 25 °C

  • Operating temperature: MS2123N: -40 to 85 °C;MS2123p:-40...+180 °C

  • Working Pressure: N:<0.3 Mpa; p:<1.0 Mpa

  • Sensor Interchangeability: ±5% of reading

  • Hysteresis ±1.2% of reading

  • Repeatability ±0.5% of reading

  • Response Time: 15 sec typical at 25 °C

  • Stability: ±1% of reading /typical at 0.50 aw in 5 years


H-MS4810TP NIR Moisture Analyzer   [Introduction]  [Datasheet]

High resolution and selective moisture analyzer, both for solids and liquids
Method: Photometer
Organic solvents/compounds/oil...
Response: <100ms;
Sample temperature: <85℃

Moisture of Solid/Powder, Slurries, Foliages

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Application Guide for Moisture Analysis of Solids and Powder Materials

Handheld  sMS1204 series Powder Moisture Teller        [Introduction]  [Datasheet]
H-BD5sMS1204 Moisture Meter for Solid Powder

RF attenuation. Special designed for powder material application. Suitable to test moisture of Ceramics and earth, Chemicals, Cements, Coal, Corn&Grain, Cotton, Fermentation Products, Fertilizer, Foods processing Particles, Glass materials, Mineral powder, particle Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, particle Resins, particle Dyes, Sands,Soil,Solid lubricants,  and other powder chemicals.


Application Samples




Sample temperature

H-MS1204poke Dia... 0.5 to 10mm.Powder, grain, particle (meshes to f 10mm), colloid, thick fluid, truss etc. 0-100% 0.1 ± 1.0%FS 0-100
H-MS1204paw Dia.. 0.5to 6mm.Powder, grain, particle, colloid, thick fluid, truss, lump, block, chunk, etc. 0-100% 0.1 ± 1.0%FS 0-100
H-MS1204Spoon Dia.. 1-4mm Grain, Particle with a sampling spoon 0-40% 0.1 ± 1.0%FS 0-100
H-MS1204Disc powder and lose samples with density compensation by press 0-40% 0.1 ± 1.0%FS 0-100
H-MS1204F Wood, plate materials. Surface detect to 1cm deep 0-40% 0.1 ± 0.5%FS 0-100
H-MS1204N Needle alike, used to hard solids. to test when inserted, for soil etc. 0-40% 0.1 ± 0.5%FS 0-100

H-MS2100 Moisture&water activity Analyzer   [Introduction]  [Datasheet]

H-MS2100Wa   Water activity hygrometer

The active part of moisture content and, therefore, water activity, provide better information than the total moisture content regarding the micro-biological, chemical and enzymatic stability of perishable products such as foods and seeds. For similar reasons, water activity is equally relevant in the pharmaceutical industry where it provides useful information regarding the cohesion of tablets and pills, or the adherence of coatings. Water activity can be directly compared with the relative humidity of the ambient air to prevent dimensional changes in a product (paper, photographic film), to prevent hygroscopic powders (powdered sugar, salt) from caking or turning into a solid block, etc

Water activity can be used with some products (mostly synthetic products) as a means of indirectly measuring the total moisture content. This requires developing sorption isotherms to this purpose. Sorption isotherms are graphs that provide the relationship between water activity and moisture content at constant temperature. For most natural products, repeatable sorption isotherms cannot be reliably developed and water activity should be regarded as separate from moisture content.

Series accessories  completes H-MS2100Wa of versatile utility to test gas, liquids, and solids with one analyzer.

Aw Range: 0.03-1.00
Moisture Range:100ppm to 100%
Accuracy: 0.015Aw (<+/-0.3°C, at room temperature )
Repeatability:< 0.005 Aw (<0.1°C, at room temperature)
Temperature: -20 to 85°C; -50 to 200°C
Instrument environ: -10 to 60°C0-99%RH
Battery supply
3 mode to test: 
SMART: accelerated water activity measurement with automatic end of measurement.
NORMAL: conventional water activity measurement with automatic detection of equilibrium and automatic end of measurement
STANDARD: water activity and temperature measurement, limited to just indicating the values and the trend of the values
Test time: 2~5 min Typical at Smart:

H-MS4810DRS-NIR Moisture Analyzer   [Introduction]  [Datasheet]

High resolution and selective moisture analyzer, both for solids and liquids


  • Instant Measurement
  • Non-Contact
  • Non-Destructive
  • Versatile usage


  • Chemicals, Ink
  • Pulp/Paper 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food, Beverages and Dairy
  • Agriculture Grain, soil, woods, fruits, Greenstuffs
  • Cement and other materials
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Products
  • Lubricant Oils, machine oils, fuel oils
  • Plastics, polymers


Humidity / Dew Point / Gas Moisture

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Application Guide for Moisture Analysis of Gases


Handheld gMS2100 Gas Moisture Analyzer      [Introduction] [  [Datasheet]

All Humidity Parameters from One Instrument

Absolute moisture, Volume ratio, Partial pressure, Saturation moisture, Relative humidity, Specific quantity, Dew point, Water content/moisture, and temperature
And Pressure Test for compensation under process conditions
Ideal for Laboratory and Quality Control in the Industrial Production
Specially Powerful for Scientific Convert


RH, AH, Dew Point smart test in Laboratory and filed
Moisture in compressed air
Humidity of refrigerant and desiccant dryers
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Dry process monitoring
Chemical industry
Production quality management

pGas4810-H2O Portable Gas Moisture Analyzer      [Introduction] [  [Datasheet]


Range: ppb-ppm;


l          Industry gas moisture analysis

l          Solution for applications that other technical sensor can not work, such as for moisture measurement in alcohols, ammonia,etc.

l          Trace moisture analysis, to ppb level;


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