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LLA4810 Vis/NIR Photometer            [Introduction] [UserApplicationDatasheet]

LLA4820 TDLAs Spectrometer        [Introduction] [UserApplicationDatasheet]

LLA4620 LIF Photometer                    [Introduction] [UserApplicationDatasheet]

Continue analyzing spectrophotometer system. Direct analyze concentrations to ppm(even some to ppb), without any chemicals reagent.

6640 XRFp X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer          [UserApplicationDatasheet]

This liquid pipe application system offer a broad measurement range: ppm to high %. Analysis of elements from Al to U. Analysis of solids, powders, liquids, or coating weight/thickness. Multiple calibrations for multiple concentration ranges. Automatic stabilization and standardization. Wide range of sample line and flow-cell materials to ensure compatibility with your processes. Minimal sample preparation means no reagents or complex handling equipment. Non-destructive measurement allows all the sample to be returned to the process. Continuous measurement is an important part of a feedback loop, trending and statistical process control. Different enclosure configurations available to suit the hazardous requirements at YOUR site. (Class I Div 1/2 Grps B & C & D , CENELEC). Dedicated rugged industrial design to withstand most harsh process conditions. Stainless steel NEMA12, 7 or 4X (IP 66) enclosures, weather-proof suitable for outdoor installation. Rugged robust modular design for low routine maintenance. Small, compact design is easy to install in virtually all existing and new plants. Interior climate-control available. Minimal power requirements. 

Water Quality Analysis

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