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Natural gas

Natural gas is a widely used resource. Its monetary value is based largely on its heating value or BTU content. our new tunable laser gas analyzer(4810/4820 series) make it possible to accurately measure each single element, from CH4 to C8's and trace sulfides, including   methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hextane, heptane, octane, hydrogen sulfide.

Continuous quantitative and qualitative analysis of natural gas is not only used to analyze natural gas for composition information but also is ideal method for calculating the BTU content, as well as other physical properties such as specific gravity and compressibility.

Composition and Concentration Analysis

pGas4820-FGA Portable Natural Gas Analyzer

T-LGA4820-FGA On-line Natural Gas Analyzer

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Analyzer

Mercaptans (RSH) Analyzer

Natural Gas Moisture Analyzer


Included in gas analyzer

Natural Gas Odorizing

ISO/TS 16922 gives the guidelines for the methods and odorants to be used in the odorization of natural gas. ISO/TS 16922 also specifies the general requirements for odorants, the physical and chemical properties of commonly used sulfur-containing odorants, the principles for the determination of odour intensity, the odorization technique (including handling and storage of odorants) and the control of odorization of natural gas.

Leakage detection

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Natural gas related standards: ISO

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