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Gas Analyzer
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  • gas analyzer Gas Detect Tube  gas analyzer
    gas analyzer Gas Transducer/Toxic gas leak detector/ Hazardous gas /Combustible gas /flammable gas /inflammable gas /tindery gas leakage detector  gas analyzer
    gas analyzer Portable Gas Analyzer gas analyzer
    gas analyzer Process Gas Analyzer gas analyzer
    on-line Gas Detector/Transducer

    CPT 2000 Electrochem Gas Detecter/Transducer [Introduction] [Datasheet pdf] [Sensors ] [User Application Data Form]

    Process Gas Analyzer

    CGA/PGA 4000 UV/Vis/NIR/IR Gas Analyzer              [Possible Gases] [Application Data Form]

    on-line Photometer    [UV Datasheet]   [IR Datasheet]

    CGA4120 Continuous Gas Analyzer

    • Sampling condition: Standard
    • Zero calibration: Embedded Optics
    • Calibration: Manual valve switch induct standard sample
    • Maintenance: Manual valve switch inducting air purge.


    on-line Photometer

    PGA4120 Process Gas Analyzer

    • Sampling condition: Fitting to user process, some enhanced with pretreatment
    • Zero calibration: Embedded Optics
    • Calibration: Auto valve switch inducting standard sample or Zero sample.
    • Maintenance: Auto valve switch inducting air purge.
    • Designed for continue analysis of gases. Our engineers can design process system for user applications: General analyzing range: ppm-100%( some to ppb)


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