Gas Detector Short Term Tubes


Short Term tubes are used to measure to concentration of specific contaminants instantaneously. Currently, about 160 short term tubes are available for determining and measuring more than 350 different gases, vapors and aerosols. Areas of use include:

The majority of the short term tubes are scaled tubes, operating on a defined sample volume drawn through the tube by performing a specified number of pump strokes. The concentration of the contaminant is read directly from the calibrated scale by assessing the length of the discoloration.

Short term measurements can be made manually with the SC100 gas detector pump.


Included in the short term tubes are tubes for aerosols. Aerosols are not gases or vapors, but liquid or solid particles suspended in air - such as dusts, fumes or mists. BDTI provides aerosol tubes for Arsenic Trioxide, Cyanides, Chromic Acid, Nickel, Oil Mist and Sulfuric Acid.


A tube should be selected to detect each suspected chemical. Simply locate the contaminant listed alphabetically in the following pages. Select the tubes listed according to the chemical hazard to be tested and the measuring range. Order the tube by the catalog number that appears to the left

Note: Measuring range information pertains to air monitoring only. The TLV limits found throughout this catalog were obtained from the ACGIH (Americans Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) 1995-1996 Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents and Biological Exposure Indices.

How The System Works

Simple 4 step operation:

  1. Select the appropriate BDTI Tube for chemical hazard and expected concentration.
  2. Open tube and insert in pump
  3. Pull sample through tube
  4. Read concentration directly from the color band on the scale

If the designated air contaminant is present, it reacts with the chemical reagent in the tube, producing a color change. The length or intensity of the color band indicated contaminant levels - the longer or darker the stain, the higher the concentration.

Caution:Interchanging BDTI Pumps and Tubes with other brands may cause erroneous results and should not be done.

Click on the letter below for the contaminant you are looking for.


Accessories for Gas Detector Tubes

General Accessory

Liquid Extraction Kit

potentially hazardous situations


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