Our Mission

Elaborate design and manufacture, all to user's requirements.

Professional on-line and smart in-site  chemical analyzers manufacture and supply.

Company Profile

The BigDipper Technochem Institute (BDTI) was established in 1990. as the 35th registered enterprise   Most of our specialists are members of Academia Sinic.  We are new members of international analyzer's family. Only 2 years experiences had we have to promote our technologies and products to market, but long long time we have been engaged in research of chemical analyzing technologies and instruments, over 10 years in BigDipper with experiences of more than 40 years from many national institute.

Department of International Sales

Selling our products to abroad market

Supply chemical analyzers, especially process/ on-line analyzers, such as moisture, concentration of gas, liquid and solids. pH, conductivity/resistivity /TDS / salinity (SCT), Turbidity, DO, ions, total element content, phosphate, silica, TOC, COD , humidity, NOx,NO2,NO, SO2 , CO, CO2 , O2. CH4/CH, suspended materials (SPM/TSP) etc. Our engineers will help you with professional, reliable, economical, best property/cost procurement according to user's application. Also consulting analysis project and instrument network engineering.

Department of Industrial System Engineering

Consultation for system application or analyzing project. Service for instruments installation and maintenance

Department of Marketing

Marketing consultation to the market of China, only limited in chemical and environmental analyzers

Department of (Domestic) Sales

Selling our products

Department of Research and Manufacture

Accept design and  developing project by trust.

Manufacture instruments

Our Location

BDTI is resided in ZhongGuanCun Beijing, China.

ZhongGuanCun was called "Silicon Valley" of China, with official name "Zhongguancun Science Park". However, it is really the most concentrated area crowded of thousands enterprises of science and technology in China. Around Academia Sinica, there are about 20 more universities located, including world famous university__ Beijing University and Qinghua (Tsinghua) University. And also those new thousands technical companies established in recent years, flushing up!

The Map of [ZhongGuanCun], press to download it.

The environ of our institute

You are welcome to visit Beijing!


P. O. Box : Beijing 603 BDTI P.R.CHINA 100080
Call: 86-10-8264.0226;  Fax:86-10-8264.0221;
web: http://www.fullsense.com              http://www.big-dipper.com.cn
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