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Professional chemical analyzer service
We supply you the instruments with best solution just to application !
BigDipper Instruments is the tech leading manufacturer for chemical analyzers, over industrial analysis, chemical analysis, and environmental analysis in China. Our advantage is about portable field smart test instruments and on-line measurement application system,  STIM transducers, process analyzers, and some new smart portable analyzer, which are used in lab or at field. We also supply some qualified analyzers from other companies, to complement our major service

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New Analyzers

Based on our professional works on electrochemical technology, we made ISE, DO, Turb, SCT and dissolved gases test more near to limits and stable, and easy to monitor any industrial process, instead of some expensive process analyzer at many fields
Concentration, viscosity, and density is always the most simple and also most valued parameter in process control. We supply new generation professional instruments, both of on-line and smart test.
  • EMC1204p Concentration Transducer,concentration measurement , concentration measurement system , concentration system , concentration meters , concentration analyzers , concentration instruments , concentration transmitter , concentration transducer , concentration sensors , concentration Gauges , concentration monitor , concentration detector,



Moisture test Moisture, Humidity, Dew point, Water activity
PhysioChem Viscosity,density, concentration of gas,liquid, slurry and solids
Liquid Analysis Electrochem, ultra sonic,microwave,photometer, EDXRF analyzers
Water Analysis pH, conductivity/ resistivity/ TDS/ salinity (SCT), Turbidity, DO, ions, total element content, phosphate/ TP, silica/SiO2, TOC/ OCA/ TDO/ COD,BOD, Nitrite/ Nitrate/ TN.
Gas Analysis Electrochem, Ultra sonic, Microwave, Photometer, Quadruple gas detect technology and analyzers,chemical alarm system,Chemical analyzer,chemical annunciator 3 4,chemical controller,chemical detector,chemical monitor,chemical sensor,chemical instrument,Gas detection,Gas monitoring,Gas analysis,
Air& CEMS Air polution monitoring system, smoke analyzer, continue emmision monitoring system, Flue gas analysis
Toxic&safety Atmosphere/ toxic gas detector and labor protection alarm meters, NOx,NO2,NO, SO2, H2S, CO, CO2,O2.H2,CH4/CH ... about 70s electrochem detector products
Environal Test Suspended matter(SPM/TSP) , Noise/sound meters, Ratiometer, light meters
Solid Analysis Reflective NIR photometer, EDXRF, Metal analyzers
Industry Analysis Agriculture&stockbreeding  analytical instruments, Aquaculture analytical instruments, Atmosphere analytical instruments, Automotive analytical instruments, Aviation chemical detector, Bio&lifeSciences device, Cement analytical instruments, Coal-chemistry analytical instruments, Fertilizer&pesticide analytical instruments, General chemical analytical instruments, Inorganic chemical analytical instruments, Organic chemical analytical instruments, Petrochemical analytical instruments, Polymer chemistry analytical instruments, Oil refinery analytical instruments, Chemical Safety Monitoring, Electronic&semiconductor industry  analytical instruments, Flue Gas Monitoring, Food&beverage  analytical instruments, Fuel  analytical instruments, Fumigation monitoring, Metallurgy analytical instruments, Geologic reconnaissance device and instruments, Hazardous and solid waste monitor, Highway device, Industry safety device, Lubricant test, Medical treatment  chemical instruments, Metallurgy chemical analyzer, Military CWA detector, Mine  analytical and safety instruments, Oil&gas  analytical instruments, Pharmacy industrial  analytical instruments, Pipeline transportation monitor, Power plant  analytical instruments, Pulp&paper  analytical instruments, Sanitation&Epidemic Prevention analyzer, CEMS, Space detection device, Steel&metals industry  analytical instruments, Tobacco chemical monitoring, Transformer  analytical instruments
Our engineers will help you with professional, reliable, economical, best property/cost procurement according to user's application. Also consulting analysis project and instrument network project.

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